UK Basks On The Hottest Weekend Of The Year
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There is a new survey out and they found that the average person has only 15 Perfect Days a Year.

So, what makes a 'perfect day'.    Two thousand American adults were asked that very question., and the results showed that people typically enjoy just 15 truly perfect days each year, and it is often the most trivial activities that make us feel the best.

The survey found that the average person would be happiest waking up at 8:15 in the morning.   Your perfect day would be sunny with spring like temperatures. around 75 degrees, and we would love to be able to spend three hours outside.

The 2 thousand surveyed would love spending four hours with family and three hours with friends, then coming home and hopping on the couch, where we would watch 3 hours of tv.

This is my favorite part, to  wrap up our 'Perfect Day' we would be lights out, and in bed by 10:50p.m.

The survey also asked what would be your 'mood boosters', something that would bring sunshine to even a cloudy day.  The simple pleasures would be finding money in your pocket, sleeping in without waking up to an alarm, and lying in bed listening to rain.

That would be a perfect day!


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