This whole story is based on your own opinion. How do you feel about alcohol sales at Spartan Stadium?

Let's start out by saying that alcohol sales are not allowed at MSU's Spartan Stadium or at Michigan's football stadium in Ann Arbor.

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So what's the story behind these two college's not being able to sell alcohol during seasonal football games?

The Lansing State Journal tells us this:

MSU does sell alcohol in Spartan Stadium suites, but that's because it is not physically attached to the stadium itself. The reason the Spartans and Wolverines don't sell alcohol to the general public at their stadiums is because of a state law that prohibits doing so during college sporting events. (In the past, UM has received permission to sell alcohol during professional soccer and hockey games at Michigan Stadium.)

I'm not so sure on how to look at the overall picture here. There are those who choose to drink responsibly and then there are those who do not.

It seems to me that a paying fan of college sports should be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage during a sporting event. This certainly is the norm for most all college games.

What about the several Big Ten universities that do sell alcohol at games?

LSJ tells us:

The eight Big Ten universities that do sell alcohol at games are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Ohio State, Purdue and Rutgers. Aside from MSU and UM, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State and Wisconsin also bar alcohol sales at their stadiums.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens down the road, but at least for now, until things change, there will be no alcohol sales at Spartan Stadium in the fall.

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