This is the most amazing story about a young Michigan boy who actually found a Mastodon tooth and now it's museum bound.

When I was a kid I never found anything really cool like that. The only things that I would find is litter on the ground or lost coins in parking lots.

I do remember once finding a $100 dollar bill at a local spray car wash. There was no one around to claim the $100 dollars so my mom let me keep it. That was the coolest day ever.

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But let's talk about Julian Gagnon who happens to be only 6 years old. This young man is my hero because he recently found what is called a 'Mastodon' tooth.

According to

Julian found an ancient mastodon tooth during a Sept. 6 hike with his family at Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester Hills. UM museum scientists verified its authenticity, and Julian will donate it to the museum to ensure its preservation.

You know what makes this really cool? All of Julian's neighborhood friends and school friends now think he's a hero.

Here's the best part of Julian finding the mastodon tooth. The University of Michigan's Museum of Paleontology would like to put this tooth on display at the UM museum. adds:

Julian is probably the first person to touch the tooth in 12,000 years, said Adam Rountrey, the paleontology museum's research museum collection manager. "These things are so valuable in the long term for research about how the animals lived," Rountrey said.

Julian lives in Grosse Pointe Woods and has officially donated the mastodon tooth to the UM museum. Scientists plan to give Julian and his family a tour of the museum as a token of their appreciation.

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