Here comes the Michigan hot weather which causes the humidity to soar which means eventually, we will get much needed rain that will help green up our lawns.

I'm not much of a fan for hot weather and for that matter, humidity as well.  When temps hit the upper 80's and close to 90 degrees, you'll most likely find me in the house wearing shorts and a t-shirt and enjoying air conditioning at it's best.

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Even though I have never studied meteorology, I am fascinated by the study of the atmosphere.  For example:  How do you explain humidity? tells us:

The best way we have to show the mugginess of the air is by showing you the dew point temperature forecast.  What is the dew point?  That is probably the most asked question to me from you over the past 32 years as a meteorologist.  The most important thing to know is the higher the dew point, the more moisture that is suspended in the air, or what we call humidity.

There's only one way you can get me outside when it comes to hot temperatures and high humidity, it would take a swimming pool or a nice day at the beach somewhere in Michigan.

According to

We have some common thresholds that most of us agree on here in the Great Lakes state.  When the dew point is lower than 60 degrees, the air is comfortable for all of us Michiganders.  As dew points rise into the 60's, we start to feel more humidity.  Once the dew point is above 70 degrees, we all feel the mugginess.

Now that we all know more about dew point and humidity, let's stay hydrated and try to find an open pool and have some fun during our hot weather in Michigan.

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