Three words for you, hot chocolate bombs. I don't know what it is about dropping something into water and watching it slowly melt, that's fascinating, but it is. First there was that chicken noodle soup from Mrs. Grass with the golden egg that held broth you got to watch melt, then bath bombs and now hot chocolate bombs. What a time to be alive am I right?

Nothing screams "Happy Holidays" more then a delicious cup of hot chocolate. These hot chocolate bombs are super cool because they're filled with a bunch of marshmallows. You drop them in a cup and add hot water or steamed milk and watch it melt. You can buy a box of them from Costco! Or if you're interested in making your own from home, you can learn how to here. I know they sound like they'd be hard to make, but it actually looks pretty simple. It would be a fun thing to try out for the holidays. You could make a bunch of different flavors and turn them into gifts!

Hot chocolate is the best side-kick in the winter. If you take the kids sledding, you need something to keep you warm while you're standing there watching. They're even great for a snow day. After spending time outside building a snowman or shoveling what seems like a foot of snow, warm yourself up with a hot chocolate bomb afterwards.

Have you ever wondered what your winter beverage says about you? Have you tried a hot chocolate bomb yet? What did you think? Download the app and let us know!

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