It's not very often that we hear about any hauntings in Holt...but there are a few tales of the supernatural that are spoken about.

Probably one of the most legendary ones takes place in Holt High School on Holt Road, as reported in . Some years ago while the school was being constructed, a worker fell over a catwalk railing, smack down on the auditorium stage....from where he landed, there was a five-foot radius of blood that surrounded the area. To this day, those who enter the auditorium - especially when it's empty - feel some kind of unseen presence. Some students who perform on stage claim they are grabbed by the shoulder, only to turn and find no one behind them.

According to, another popular legend occurs in Hope Middle School on Park Lane. It seems back in the 1980's a hall gate slammed down all by itself and crushed the skull of a female student who was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nowadays, town residents as well as school employees and students say they've heard sounds coming from the school.....the screams of a young girl and the banging of metal - possibly the hall gate or lockers....every March 7th.

Also, relates this story about Holt Junior High on N. Aurelius: many years ago there was a girl who felt she didn't have any friends; she was so despondent that she ended up hanging herself in the girls' locker room. To this day, it's said she walks the locker room, looking for a friend.

On there are first-hand stories by Holt residents about other various paranormal activities that have happened to them...such as:

A house on Watson Avenue contains the ghost of an old man who died there. Other ghosts have been seen by house guests and passersby.

2) Another house on North Eifert Road has a handful of spirits that roam the property, doors open & close by themselves, a mysterious black object in one of the bedrooms and the figure of a man that watches whoever enters the basement.

So there apparently are some reports of hauntings and paranormal activities in the town of Holt. Or are they simply figments of imagination?

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