Here's another Michigan ghost town for y'all to check out: Hockaday in Butman Township, Gladwin County.

Hockaday (sometimes incorrectly spelled as 'Hocaday') is an unincorporated community smack on the junction of Hockaday and Ritchie roads about ten miles north of Gladwin.

In 1901 a post office was established, with Robert Hockaday as postmaster...the town was obviously named after him.

At one time, this former lumber town boasted not just a post office, but a butcher shop, church, general store, grist mill, sawmill, schoolhouse, and shingle mill.

Hockaday's post office closed for good in 1912 and by 1918 only 50 residents were left.

Nowadays, the only community service is a lone church, at the intersection of Hockaday & Ritchie roads. About a mile east on Ritchie Rd. is some kind of a store that may or may not be closed.

There is a small community still there but it's a far cry from what it once was.  Hockaday is another old Michigan lumber town that sits out in the isolated countryside, forgotten by most, embraced by all who still live there.

Drive-thru on your next Michigan roadtrip and show respect for this village that once was a part of Michigan's growth back in the 1800's.


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