Here's another close-by location that's another one of Michigan's hidden secrets...and a perfect addition to this year's Michigan roadtrip, full of great photo ops and for taking videos (see gallery below)!

The Historic Bridge Park in Calhoun County is just off I-94 southeast of Battle Creek and is the first of it's kind in the country. It's open all through the year and is free to enter.

It's been called "a retirement home for bridges" and even a "bridge graveyard."
Why, you might ask?
According to their website, "the park allows metal truss bridges that have become insufficient for their original location to be preserved for their historic and aesthetic value."

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Again, check out the photo gallery below to see many pictures of this place.
All bridges are for walking purposes only, no vehicles allowed.

There's a picnic area and even a playground for kids...

Get directions, more photos, events, info on bookings for weddings and more details on their website by CLICKING HERE.

Check it out this year!!!!!


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