Last year Katy Banfield purchased a unique house located at 1110 Verona Rd in Marshall, Michigan. After working for Kellogg's for 26 years, she had no plans on quitting anytime soon. That all changed once she and her daughter moved into her new house, she told Fox 17"You walk in, and it’s just like the wow factor. It’s magnificent and elegant. I could just see myself here, and I want to make people happy. Just being in that kind of environment is what I was looking for. It had eight bedrooms and eight-and-a-half baths. I just thought this place had  bed-and-breakfast written all over it.”

This week was the Inaugural opening of Villa On Verona, and Katy believe's the house's rich history will draw people to stay. The house once belonged to William Boyce, an American newspaper man, entrepreneur, magazine publisher, and explorer. He was most notably known as the founder of the Boy Scouts of America, who lived there in the 1890's. He did a lot of European travel and wrote in Chicago, so in honor of his travels, she named each of the rooms after cities in Italy, including the rooms Rome and Venice. She also has a few copies of the newspaper he created in 1894. More information can be found on their website. After going through the pictures on their Facebook and website, this looks like a beautiful place to stay. They're even having a yoga retreat this month with Yoga, Breakfast, Dinner, a fireside cocktail evening, and 3- Wine Tastings.

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