Violent crime has really gone up in the Lansing area and for that matter across the state of Michigan as well.

I remember reading not to long ago that last year alone, there were at least a record breaking 21 homicides. That is a ridiculous staggering number that is hard to come to terms with.

One way or another, violent crime in Lansing and the state of Michigan needs to decrease. Crime numbers are too high and that's why Governor Gretchen Whitmer has stepped forward.

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"I'm proposing dollars to hire more police officers and ensure they've got great pay, good training and better resources to do their jobs effectively," Whitmer said. "We need more cops in communities experiencing a rise in gun violence that's been associated with this pandemic.

We can tell you that Governor Whitmer is asking for 75 million to help fund police, by hiring more police officers to stop the crazy surge in violent crime happening across our state. adds:

Whitmer said her budget proposal will increase support for police officers, create programs to curb the use of illegal guns and invest in the justice system. She's relying on funds secured through the American Rescue Plan, signed by President Joe Biden in March.

When my dad and brother were police officers for the City of Lansing, they never had to deal with so much violent crime as we do today. Both my dad and brother are retired from L.P.D.

We see it on TV and read about it in newspapers way too often. Something has to be done to help stop violent crime in Lansing and the state of Michigan.

Hopefully by hiring and training more police officers, crime stats will start to go down in the near future.

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