In a desolate place in southern Michigan during the month of July, residents of the Hillsdale area have been reporting sightings of what they believe to be a Bigfoot.

Most of the sightings were reported on Wednesday evening, July 12. The sighting that seems to carry the most weight is one reported by an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old, who were checking out the quarry at Hillsdale Sand & Gravel in Ransom Township on Burt Road.. They heard heavy, stomping footsteps near the water's edge with some weird, shrill screams that didn't sound like any living thing they ever heard before.

According to, one of the boys stated "we both love to hunt and spend a lot of time out in the woods, but neither of us have ever heard or seen anything like we did at the quarry. It was blood-curdling and went right through us."

When the 'Bigfoot' saw the boys on the other side of the water, it turned and crept back into the woods. The boys took off running back to the cemetery where they parked their truck and hightailed it outta there.

Other Bigfoot sightings were reported near Ransom, Prattville and Waldron and authorities from the Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department are asking the public to report ANYTHING that may be a Bigfoot sighting.

THE PHOTO GALLERY ABOVE shows you the location and how to get there...I've included a few photos of supposedly 'real' Bigfoot sightings as well...

(FYI: "" is a FAKE NEWS site. The Bigfoot sighting is NOT to be taken seriously, but to just have a quick chuckle.) BUT READ BELOW:

Even so, there evidently HAVE been "legitimate" Bigfoot sightings in Hillsdale County. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website lists reported these Hillsdale-area sightings:

Spring 2003: Two bikers hear strange sound near "Lost Nation"
April 2006: Resident reports numerous incidents in his neighborhood outside Allen, near borders of MI, IN and OH
January 2014: Homeowner follows possible track way heading into Lost Nations State Game Area near Hillsdale
Sept. 2014:  Possible late afternoon Bigfoot road crossing north of Ransom.

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