While I was growing up, I had a handful of different jobs. Before I was old enough to have a real company-paying job, each winter I would go out with a buddy and shovel snow off neighbors' sidewalks. How much did we get? 15 cents to split between us. That was the first “job” I had...and self-employed, to boot.

When I was around twelve, I had a paper route. I don't remember how much it paid, but I recall it wasn't much. Whatever I collected from the customers had to pay for the papers, which left me with very little. Next came a summer job on a sod farm, a summer at a potato farm, and the remainder of my high school years at a supermarket.

Afterward came dishwashing jobs, table bussing, doughnut making, kitchen supervisor/cook/chef, assistant restaurant manager, produce manager...all marvelously humdrum with chintzy pay...but at least I worked with good people and made friends.

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During some of those jobs I found time to be in a Rock 'n Roll band and work in radio, where I am to this day – and extremely happy and grateful.

Before working in radio, all those jobs I had as a kid and teen were no-brainers...it obviously didn't require a college degree and the pay stunk. But now there are some high-paying jobs you can get without a college degree. Boring jobs to some, exciting to others - but decent pay. According to indeed.com, here are fifteen examples:

Fifteen High-Paying Michigan Jobs That Need No College Degree

Find out much more about each one of these jobs at Indeed.com.



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