We're on a journey to find the best olive burger in Michigan. And I'm pretty sure we've found a couple of really good establishments that cook up an incredible olive burger.

Before we get started, how about a little history behind the olive burger. For example:

Where did the olive burger originate?

It was founded in 1923 in Flint under the name "Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs." The Flint location started serving olive burgers in 1923. The location broke from the Kewpee chain and eventually became Halo Burger, but the olive burger remains on the menu to this day.

So the question is, where can we find the best olive burger in Michigan?

We do know now that you can find a very delicious olive burger in Flint at Halo Burger.

The Filling Station in Grand Rapids serves up a fantastic olive burger. 

According to experiencegr.com, the olive burger has been a long time West Michigan favorite and is a perfect fit on their menu at The Filling Station.

The Filling Station in Grand Rapids has served olive burgers since they opened in 2007.

Another great place you can find a delicious olive burger is right here in Lansing.

Weston's Kewpee Burger Sandwich Shoppe at 118 S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the mayo and green olive concoction has been a staple of the family run joint in downtown Lansing since the 1920's. It's the same version today, thanks to the current owner Autumn Weston's great grandmother.

If mid-Michigan has a culinary staple, it's the olive burger, a unique hamburger made up of a beef patty topped with a mixture of mayonnaise, chopped olives and olive brine. (LSJ)

Over time it's become a Lansing staple. A lot of people associate the olive burger with memories of their parents or grand parents and the good old days.

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