Let's face it, today's world can be a scary place for everyone, including kids.  With stories about terrorist attacks, shootings, and accidents running on the news, it's impossible to shield kids from the realities of life.

We can help them cope with the events and continue to move forward.  The parenting experts at Boys Town, one of the largest national childcare organizations, want to help.

Here are several tips for helping your child in the aftermath of a tragedy.

1.  Always be available and listen to your child when they want to talk, but don't force children to talk about their feelings.

2.  Parents, friends and teachers can all be great sources of support, caring and understanding for kids.

3.  Getting kids back to their normal activities and their regular schedule as soon as possible promotes positive coping and healing.  Routines are comforting to kids.  There's more at momseveryday.com.

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