What is it about cookies that brings out the kid in each and everyone of us? I love cookies, in fact, the "Cookie Monster" and I have one thing in common, COOKIES!

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And all this time I thought my grandmother made the best cookies around. Actually she did until Heidi's Darn Good Cookies showed up.

In fact, Heidi's Darn Good Cookies are so delicious that they've expanded with a new location in Bay City at 111 N. Linn Street.

According to mlive.com:

Heidi’s offers more than 50 types of cookies, ice cream cookie sandwiches, cookie pies, cookie cakes and party platters. Cookie flavors include sugar, birthday cake, lemon, cookies and cream, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut, snickerdoodle, coconut joy, red velvet and peanut butter.

That's incredible, 50 types of delicious cookies. This sounds like a fabulous bakery with all kinds of sweet treats available for everyone's enjoyment.

Here's a little history behind Heidi's Darn Good Cookies, courtesy of mlive.com:

Niernberg started her cookie business out of her Bay City home in 2016 and opened her first storefront in 2017 at downtown Bay City’s City Market, which closed last year. Heidi’s Darn Good Cookies was also a tenant at downtown Saginaw’s SVRC Marketplace before Niernberg opened a store at 2903 Pierce Road in Saginaw County’s Kochville Township, near the campus of Saginaw Valley State University, in 2018.

Sounds to me like we all need to make a special trip to Bay City so we can do some taste testing, and perhaps drive home with boxes and boxes of delicious cookies from Heidi's Darn Good Cookies. (can hardly wait)

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