There's one thing about summers that I love so much that I look forward to every year. Something from my childhood that is so beloved, and that's the ice cream man.

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Every summer I yearn to hear that familiar music being played over the loudspeaker, getting closer and closer to coming down my block so that I might buy a tasty treat. Even as an adult, I get crazy excited when the ice cream man makes his way down the street, so much so that I usually keep a couple of bucks by the front door, just for such an occasion.

However, has anyone seen an ice cream truck come through their Lansing area neighborhood yet this summer?

Lansing Area Ice Cream Trucks

I thought that maybe I had just missed any stops so far, but I was chatting with my husband and he brought to my attention one crucial detail that's probably affecting that; the cost of gas at the moment.

With the cost of gas in Michigan hovering around $5 a gallon, it's extremely expensive to be driving, let alone to be driving, idling, starting, and stopping the way that ice cream trucks do.

I wonder if there's a way to get the ice cream person to drive down my street...Does anyone know if you can request or rent an ice cream truck to come to your neighborhood? I know that I can buy my own ice cream from the store, don't get me wrong. I just love the quintessential summer experience of hearing the ice cream man in the distance and hurrying outside as quickly as possible to snag your favorite frozen treat. For me, that's a cookie ice cream sandwich, a Drumstick, or a Choco-taco as a runner-up.

Let me know, have you seen the ice cream man drive through your neighborhood yet this summer? Let me know, and send me a message with the free station app.

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