There are all kinds of apps for your phone to give you directions, plus of course GPS.  Here's a tip I am sure most hunters know, always take a cell phone, gps device or compass into the woods with you.  I wish I had pictures but yesterday 8 of my friends along with a 4 year old and 3 year old, took off for a little walk in the woods during half time  of the Lions game, sure we'd be back to watch them lose in no time.  Amazingly none of us took a cell phone and there we were lost in the woods!  No doubt yesterday was a beautiful day and we saw so many great sights no to mention we had a pretty good idea where the house was. The dogs loved it and the little ones were incredible troopers.  Using the sun as a guide, we still somehow managed to walk way north and east of our target...2 hours later tired and thirsty we arrived back at our destination only to learn that the Lions won!  .

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