In this 1873 cemetery in Midland, there seems to be quite an amount of paranormal activity. The only reason being, that it is simply a graveyard, where spooky things are supposed to happen, right?

Visitors report having a dread feeling of being followed, which include the sound of footsteps coming from somewhere behind them.

Disembodied voices are heard on a regular basis. In the front right section, there is an occasional cluster of voices that sounds like a group of people talking among themselves.

A paranormal investigator reported two voices that called out his name and asked for help, recorded on his EVP equipment.

Screams have also been heard, emanating from the woodsy area behind the cemetery.

On top of those instances, there are numerous cold spots that appear in an instant, an abundance of orbs that have been recorded in the military section, and balloons that twist & turn in the air when there’s no wind, as if something is ‘playing’ with them.

Another strange thing that happens here: around 11pm and midnight, the sound of birds chirping & singing penetrates the air. Birds don’t sing at night, so where are they coming from?

There’s reportedly a good number of abnormal, ghostly things that happen here, so chances of experiencing something appear to be quite good. All this is according to

The Midland Cemetery is located on the east side of Orchard Drive, between W. Sugnet Rd. and W. Main Street. If you visit, comply with cemetery hours, or get permission to investigate after dark. Don’t litter, vandalize, or be obnoxiously noisy.

Respect the dead...or they won't respect you...

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