Down a lonely dirt road in Osceola County's lower left-hand corner, unexplainable paranormal activity has been reported. Witnesses have claimed to experience a weird green light that travels down the road; but as it gets closer and closer, it disappears.

Some travelers said that the light even passed through their vehicle as they sat and watched. This odd phenomenon has been dubbed the "Green Lantern" and you are welcome to try this out for yourself.

Just south of Reed City is Mesceola Road. Go east until you get to 200th Avenue, also known as Diamond Road, and turn left (north). Drive to the dirt road intersection of One Mile and 200th and turn around at the stop sign. Drive back south until you reach the third hill, stop, turn off your vehicle, your lights, keep very quiet, and wait in the darkness. Those who have experienced this say follow those directions and it's possible you may experience the mysterious "Green Lantern".

This is a new one on me, so if anyone knows anything else about this, or have actually experienced it, let me know.

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