Big Rapids is a classy town, sittin' right there alongside the Huron-Manistee National Forest in Mecosta's also the home base of Ferris State University.

Aside from the impressive Big Rapids culture, beautiful countryside, and collegiate atmosphere, the city has its share of paranormal are three instances.

Big Rapids 4 Cinema on S. Michigan Avenue seems to be housing a female spirit. Staff members and customers have sworn they've heard cries for help and the sobbing of a woman coming from the basement. The information on who this woman is supposed to be, is waiting to be discovered.

Years ago, the basement had tunnels that extended through the city (were they used for the Underground Railroad?) which have been filled in for safety's sake, and possibly an attempt to discourage more investigators and explorers. When investigating the basement, extreme cold spots have suddenly appeared, along with all sorts of unusual sounds - unearthly, unintelligible voices and odd movements resembling shuffling and shifting.

At the Ponderosa Steak House at the junction of S. Mitchell and South streets, is another suspected female ghost. This one has more specific details: this female apparition wears dark clothes with black high heels over white nylons. The heels have been heard clacking down the back hallway at all times of the night. But she doesn't appear to be the only specter on the premises - shadow people have been spotted walking in back and in the dining area when the place is closed for the night. Disembodied talking and mumbling has been detected in the dining room and stock sometimes falls of shelves, even when they're pushed way back against the wall.

The Rapids Apartments on Morrison Avenue off Division Street is a busy home-away-from-home for Ferris students, located less than a mile from campus. Students, both past and present, have reported hearing a young woman behind them giving them a greeting of 'hello' or 'hi'. When they turned around to face the greeter, nobody is there. This has happened a lot more than just once, to several students. Some residents thought the voice sounded more like it came from a child but it was too difficult to differentiate.

There ya go...three places in Big Rapids that had reports of paranormal activity. If you visit, I would be interested in hearing your findings!

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