All we can tell you is be prepared for a night of lots and lots of screaming. Would you be brave enough to walk through an abandoned Michigan asylum that perhaps used to be haunted?

Not me, you couldn't even pay me enough to walk through this haunted Halloween attraction which is set to open sometime next week.

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I'm afraid of my own shadow. Did you ever see the Ghost and Mr. Chicken starring Don Knotts? Take a look at this movie trailer and then you'll have an idea why I'm afraid of anything haunted.

Now picture me walking into an abandoned Westland, Michigan asylum that has been turned into a haunted horror attraction.

According to

This property has now been made into two haunted walk-throughs using two of the world's 20 Cold Spark Pyrotechnic Simulators. The attraction will also feature Advanced Projection Mapping Technologies often used at theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios.

This gives me the creeps just thinking about this because this place used to be haunted, at least that's what some people are saying.

Here's some history behind the Eloise Asylum courtesy of

Built in 1931, Building D once housed 409 patients. Psychiatric care ended at Eloise in 1979. The general hospital closed in 1984. Most of the complex's 75 buildings were razed by the mid-80s.

Are you ready to go through this new haunted attraction which opens to the public next week? Then you're braver then I'll ever be. adds:

The haunted attraction will take you through Building D, also known as the Kay Beard Building. It's one of just a few buildings remaining out of about 70 on the entire complex.

Is it haunted or not?

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