So not long ago we were randomly scrolling around on Ebay…I usually look for old rock ‘n roll vinyl, or old comic books. While we’re looking around, something pops up on the screen…something we didn’t attempt to search for.  It was a ‘haunted doll’ that was for sale just a short distance away in Cadillac. Okay – what’s the catch…what’s the hook…what’s the tale? The description read: “Cecilia strictly communicates through dreams, she will disclose all details of her past to her new keeper. She is an extremely positive and friendly entity. She is very active and needs someone who can handle that. This disturbed my sleep too much, so I’m sending her off to a new keeper.”

The photos show the doll to be extremely cute, with no dark, deep-set eyes or any menacing features whatsoever, like many “haunted dolls”. The price? Thirty-three dollars. Did I buy it? Heck, no. I might not totally believe in stuff like that, but why take a chance.

There have been films, books, and TV shows that have been about dolls that have some kind of supernatural aspect; in one particularly creepy episode of “The Twilight Zone”, the “Child’s Play” films with Chucky, “Magic” starring Anthony Hopkins, “The Great Gabbo” with Eric Von Stroheim, the 1940’s flick “Dead of Night” and many others. But these dolls are real and many believe in this ‘haunted doll’ phenomenon, fad, craze, hobby…whatever you wanna call it.

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And it is SO true – many of these old porcelain or plastic dolls are downright creepy looking with eyes that stare right thru you. Circus clowns are scary enough, but now we have to fear dolls. Great.

The Creepy Dolls of Comins Township is a doll display here in Michigan's Oscoda County; it's a perfect example of even the most innocent-looking dolls being used for bizarre displays and uses. So if ya wanna see some of these haunted dolls for yourself, the gallery below has a couple, including the one found in Cadillac, Michigan. Or just find some for sale on the internet.

So why would anyone even want to pay for one of these dolls? According to, "Some people want to connect solely with the spirit…..Some people buy them just for the doll because they're doll collectors and the spirited aspect of it is just a secondary thing."

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