The sleepy town of Berville is located in Berlin Township, St. Clair County, in the thumb of Michigan.

Berville (also called "Baker's Corners") got it's name specifically to feature the first three letters of the township name. Settlers began arriving in 1840 and a post office was in operation for 100 years, from 1862-1962.

It's a pleasant little community, with an awesome old church still standing on the corner of Church Rd. and S. Church Street (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

Berville also has its own ghost story.

A little ways north of town on Berville Road is an old, abandoned farm house. Some years ago, a twelve-year-old boy passed away from an severe illness. Witnesses and passersby say that if you drive by this house around 1am - the time he passed - you will see & hear things. Some have seen odd lights flickering in the windows. Those who got out of their vehicles heard doors opening & closing, footsteps going up the stairs, whispering, and objects being moved.

The few who were able to enter the boy's bedroom experienced extreme chills and severe feelings of depression.

It sounds like a typical haunting, where someone has a hard time leaving the place they were happy & familiar with in life.

If you care to investigate, protect yourself by seeking permission to enter this - or any - privately-owned or abandoned building. Treat all properties with respect, don't be obnoxious, don't vandalize, and honor the privacy of the residents.

Aside from the haunting rumor, Berville is a cool place to visit sometime during your Michigan roadtrip!

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