Do you smell that? It's the frigid winter air that is polluting our lungs right now.

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I won't lie to you, I'm a big fan of warmer weather, but nothing beats this time of year after a cold winter.

Do you know what I'm getting at?

Have You Seen This More Lately Here In Lansing

I'm talking about that sunlight folks.

Nathan Vandenburg - TSM Lansing
Nathan Vandenburg - TSM Lansing

It's not much, but there's nothing better than seeing the sun still shining at five-thirty in the afternoon, that just brings such joy back into your system.

Going from light at nine in the evening in the summer, to pitch black in the winter just does something to the soul.

Goodbye Seasonal Depression?

Nathan Vandenburg - TSM Lansing
Nathan Vandenburg - TSM Lansing

These were all taken around five-thirty, and while I type this reaching near six in the evening, it is setting, but it is a start!

We still have a few more months of cooler temperatures, and with that, we could lose the good old sun up in the sky every now and then.

It's definitely a breath of fresh air to see the sun shining lately, and seeing it shinning so much later in the day. But, like you shouldn't do with most things in life, I'm trying not to get too attached here.

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