Today is the day the world celebrates all things plaid.  It is celebrated on the first Friday of October, and this is the ninth annual "Plaidurday."

Here is a brief history on how the day began. Some say it started in Lansing when a young man was teased by co-workers for wearing plaid pretty much all the time. After taking the joking from friends in stride he had an idea, which became "Plaidurday."

On an August morning back in 2010, the Yooper decided that a day was needed to celebrate all things a Worldwide Celebration of Plaid was born.

Here are some ways to celebrate "Plaidurday":

Take a photo in your plaid today and share with #plaidurday so everyone can see your love of plaid.

Give a high five to anyone else wearing plaid!

See someone wearing polka-dots, encourage them to try some plaid.

Make plaid crafts, like Plaidurday cards for instance, let your creativity shine.

Give out lots of compliments today, others will then think "wow, people who wear plaid are really nice."

Happy "Plaidurday"!

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