Finally!  Last night I had the pleasure of seeing


Hamilton, playing now at Wharton Center on the

MSU campus.

I was totally blown away.  Going in not really knowing

what to expect, I was thrilled.   An amazing production.

The music, dancing and entire story was incredible.  I took my 3 daughters

and they loved it as well.  Hamilton is at Wharton Center until June 2nd, and if at all possible, I urge you to check it out.    American history put


to rap music, it is just mind blowing.

Even there is no dress code, it is nice to dress up when you go out to a performance...this is directed at the guy in jeans, sweatshirt (with stains on it) and dirty tennis shoes. I am not saying that you need to wear a tux, but come on  our country is getting very lax on looking nice when going out.  . Maybe next time you could put on a clean sweatshirt's a start.



Photo's M. Harris


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