Lorenzo Halstead was a guy who arrived in the Coldwater area in the mid-1800's flat broke except for one measly dollar. He started making his fortune by buying, selling and trading with the local Indians and soon had enough to finance & start his own sewing business. After marrying in 1843, he had enough money to open a construction business and is responsible for many of the elaborate houses in Coldwater, mostly on the north side of the railroad tracks. Nowadays, these old houses look weathered, dated, creaky and spooky, and it's extremely cool to cruise the neighborhoods to see these old structures. Lorenzo eventually built the house in question, the Halstead House, in the 1870's, and moved in.

Halstead, known as Coldwater's earliest settler, died in 1906.

His spooky-looking house is now believed to be haunted. The manifestations of two little girls have been seen sitting at the top of the steps that lead to the maid’s quarters (kinda reminds me of the two creepy little girls in “The Shining”).

But why? What's the story? Did these two little girls pass away in the house? There doesn't seem to be any explanation as to why these little girls haunt the house but there are quite a few people - residents and visitors - who have seen them.

You can drive by and see this house for yourself; it's located at 208 W. Chicago Street (US-12) west of downtown Coldwater.

Keep in mind, US-12 – that goes straight thru Coldwater – has MANY, MANY haunted places all across Michigan. Old taverns, inns, and many other abandoned structures still stand from the 1800’s when US-12 was a stagecoach trail. A roadtrip across the state on US-12 is always fun and you’re guaranteed to come across something spooky!

As of this writing, the Halstead House is occupied, so if you visit,be respectful.



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