One of the most bizarre rites of Halloween is the costuming. And I don't mean picking out your own costume and wearing it...I'm talkin' about dressing up your toddlers in silly and outlandish outfits. Sure, it's fun for you, it makes for good photo ops, and toddlers have no clue what the heck is going on.....they drool, they smile, they look confused, they poop.....and they don't care one way or another.

But then they get older and there's no one left to dress up in silly c---.....wait a minute...the family pet! Yeah!

So now that the kids are older and they're wise to your diabolical dressing-up-so-I-look-like-an-idiot scheme, who better to turn your attention to then the family dog...or cat...or bird...or whatever you have around the house.

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There are lots of people who dress their dogs up for Halloween, mostly to get a quick picture or enter 'em in a pet costume contest. Cats may be a bit more difficult, as are birds. Monkeys seem to do OK, they don't mind too much. I mean, if they're gonna raid your fridge and smoke dad's cigars, they might as well cave and let you put ridiculous clothes on 'em.

The gallery below shows a good number of photos with dogs, cats, monkeys, birds, and a couple of donkeys, all decked out in costumes and outfits, some thrust upon them against their will by their owners, a few others by costume companies . There are a few that go WAY back, and others a little more recent, with some that are guaranteed to make you laugh...or smile...or shake your head.

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