One of my all time favorites, John Carpenters 1978 HALLOWEEN is going to be celebrating its 40th anniversary by being back on the big screen.    The film has been remastered and restored and it will be playing  in select theaters.

Doing a quick check, this Halloween original will be playing at Studio C in Okemos starting on September 27th.  The newest in the HALLOWEEN  family, also staring Jami Lee Curtis will be in theaters October 19th.

The original 1978 version of the film answered the question, ' is the boogeyman real'....YUP.

If you are a 'superfan' of the HALLOWEEN movies you need to head to Etsy and check out some pretty cool things.  There is a Michael Myers HALLOWEEN 1978 black hoodie, also a t-shirt version.  Fans of the original movie will remember the matchbook for the Rabbit in Red Lounge, well you can buy the prop matches, yes just like in the original film, for 6 bucks.   The Etsy site also sells Rabbit in Red Lounge T-shirts and  also a coffee mug.

You will probably want to contact Studio C in Okemos to get your tickets I advance because I have a pretty good feeling this one is going to be a fun/scary sellout.

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