Yes, I admit that I did bow to peer pressure and am now a Hallmark Christmas movie junkie.    Even though EVERY EPISODE pretty much uses the formula, I still watch.

Now someone was on the ball, and turned these cheesy movies into a drinking game and I have to admit I am totally on board for this one.

Here is how it works...…

Take A Drink If.....

The camera pans over the New York City or Los Angeles skyline

The lead Actress's character is named Eve, Holly, Joy, or Noel.  Two sips if her last name is Claus or Kringle.

The main character works as a journalist, baker or corporate businesswoman.  Two sips if any of those are a family business.  Three sips if that company is being threatened in any way by a large corporation.

The leading lady is heading to a small town on assignment during the holidays.  two sips if  it's her hometown.  Take a shot if she is also up for a promotion. (This project will make or break her career !!! )

The star of the movie works for a Grinch-like boss who "doesn't get the Holidays"

A character has a dead parent.  Drink whenever the late parent is mentioned.

Oh believe me, I WILL be playing this one.


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