In a brilliant marketing move, the Hallmark Channel has branched out and they are now selling wine.

The Hallmark Channel is always a hit during the Holiday season, but this year they are even more popular , with many people looking to escape the pandemic and ugly rhetoric of the Presidential campaign.  Yes the movies are predictable, and yes they may be a bit on the 'sappy' side but they are also a sweet and hopeful escape.

  In a brilliant marketing move, the network is now selling Hallmark Channel Wine.  'JOY' is  a crisp and refreshing 2019 Sauvignon Blanc and has hints of tropical fruits, white peach and ripe pineapple.  Perfect for a Christmas family dinner or an after dinner wine session.  The red wine called 'JINGLE' is a rich, full-bodied premium 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of cherry, dark chocolate and a hint of holiday spice.

The Hallmark Channel wines is another extension of the channels brand.  Along with the the movies, the channel also has branched out and now sells MONOPOLY, the Hallmark Channel Holiday Edition, a Hallmark clothing line featuring the most comfy clothes to curl up and watch a holiday movie in.  You can also find Hallmark Channel Movie Night Recipes featuring great treats to make when you are watching Holiday movies like S'mores dip, Mini Bacon Cheese Balls and it wouldn't be a Hall mark movie without Sugar Cookies for you to decorate and probably a recipe to make  the 'worlds best hot chocolate'.

I can't wait to see what the Hallmark Channel comes up with next, but for now you can watch their movies wearing your comfy Hallmark Channel shirt, covered up with a Hallmark Channel blanket eating snacks you prepared with the help of the Hallmark Channel cookbook all while drinking your Hallmark Channel wine.


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