On West County Road 638 - also known as West Hawks Road - lies the remains of the Halfway Station...a former gas station & store that was shut down and abandoned after a series of murders that took place there in 1976.

After murdering one woman in Waterford, two 19-year-olds from Pontiac went on a spree, stealing a man's car and keeping him prisoner in the back seat as they drove to northern Michigan. They stopped in Presque Isle County and drove to the rear of the cemetery in Ocqueoc Township, north of Millersburg. There, they made him dig his own grave, shot him in the head and buried him. Realizing they forgot to steal his money, they dug him back up, took his wallet, re -buried him and took off.

They headed south thru Millersburg and stopped about 4 miles out of town at the gas station/store known as the Halfway House, as it's halfway between Hawks & Millersburg. There, they beat and stabbed the female owner; when her ten-year-old son walked in on the stabbing, they proceeded to beat and stab the child as well. The husband - and co-owner - found the two and got them medical help...mom and son both survived.

To this day, people think this place is haunted by the two teens who allegedly committed suicide afterward, but that's false...they were put in prison with 14 life sentences between them. Even so, gullible teenagers believe ghosts haunt the deserted store, even though nobody ended up dying there.

The folklore says that if you circle the station three times, the murderers will appear behind you. So if any ghosts appear behind you, it sure ain't those two.

See the photo gallery below for murder location pics, store pics and where you can visit and pay your respects.

(Many sites say the station is located on Highway 451...but according to Google, it's actually 638.)


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