What's left of the village of Gunnisonville was settled in 1853 by Elihu Gunnison.

Originally called "Gunnison", the town had a general store, other shops, a town band, bandstand, schoolhouse, Methodist Church and cemetery. A post office operated within the general store for only ten years: from Jan. 8, 1891 to April 15, 1901.

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The church, cemetery and schoolhouse are the only remains of old Gunnisonville. The original schoolhouse was built in 1836, and the one that still stands on the intersection of E. Clark & Wood roads was built in 1907. The church was organized in 1862 and the cemetery in 1888.

Current and former residents often call Gunnisonville "four corners" and are working to keep the historic aspect of their town alive. There is hardly any in-depth information on the town's history, but there are a couple of websites devoted to the town you can check out for some extra brief info:

Gunnisonville Historic Community Preservation

Michigan Historical Markers

See the photos below and take a short drive thru the beloved area once known as Gunnisonville.


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