"Guardians of the Galaxy," opened to an electrifying $94 million to win the weekend at the box office.  It was very, very entertaining with great special effects, humor, songs from the 70's and so much more.

I took my family to see this great movie over the weekend and everybody loved it.  One of those terrific movies that you would have no problem watching again and again.

With its $170 million price tag, Guardians" was at one time seen as a risky bet.  But Disney and Marvel realized that "Guardians"--based on one of Marvel Comics' more obscure set of characters--and its mix of humor, music and classic superhero action was connecting, and last week commissioned a 2017 sequel at Comic-Con.

The reviews have been terrific, and it's over 90 percent positive.   Let's take a look at the movie trailer for "Guardians of the Galaxy"!