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Q: What group has the longest time span with the same group lineup?

A: Some might disagree, but I say that distinction goes to The Dells. They began forming in 1952 - calling themselves “The El-Rays” - while still in high school; changing their name to The Dells in 1955, the final group lineup was cemented in 1960. This lineup stayed the same until 2009 with no personnel changes. Their first hit was OH, WHAT A NIGHT in 1956; it was a smash on the R&B charts but failed to make the Billboard Hot 100. They finally had their first Top 20 Billboard hit in 1968 with THERE IS. The following year, they decided to give OH, WHAT A NIGHT another shot; they re-recorded the song and it peaked at #10 on the Billboard singles chart in 1969. Afterward, the hits dried up and they sang backing vocals on songs for many other recording artists, including tracks by Ray Charles.

Courtesy of Hip-O Records