After living a full life on planet Earth, why not put something back into it?

I'm not going to lie, this really seems like such a cool way to go about it. I have always said when I go, I want to be planted into a tree that way I can be part of giving new life and my family and friends can come visit me and have something beautiful to see.

They are called "Green Burials" and they are becoming increasingly popular.

So popular, in fact, MLive recently reported that a cemetery in Michigan's Upper Peninsula has actually had to start making more room for them!

MLive, citing The Daily Mining Gazette in Houghton, says the Chassell Township cemetary (Houghton County) has actually sold out of their 40 sites set aside for "green burials" that they created five years ago and they have since added over 24 additional plots.

Green burials refer to a traditional style burial in which the use embalming fluids to preserve the body are not used," says MLive. "The body typically is buried in a biodegradable container or a cloth shroud allowing normal decomposition and the body to be naturally recycled."

They also say this type of burial is typically less expensive than the other types we are more accustomed to like caskets, cremation, etc...
Personally, I really do love the idea of a more "green" burial. For me, I don't want to just be put into a casket as I would not want that to be the people in my life's last memory of me.
This year, too, I realized my true feelings on cremation when we lost my childhood dog, had her cremated and put her ashes in jewelry so we could have a piece of her everywhere we went.
While it is so nice to have that and I would very much rather have that than nothing, cremation just makes me sad and uncomfortable. I think it just comes down to the thought that the living being you loved so much and had such a full, beautiful life gets reduced to ash.
I know it's a morbid conversation and someday maybe I will get more comfortable with the idea of death but as for me, I would absolutely get a green burial and I think Chassell Township cemetary is really on the right track with this one!
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