I posted this last year and I will every summer, if possible.

Lake Lansing Amusement Park was an enormously popular summer fun place that shouldn't be forgotten at all costs. This video will help the old-timers recall the park and the younger generation see what they missed out on.

As early as the late 1800's, the lake had been a popular place that folks traveled miles and miles to get to and enjoy. According to the History of Lake Lansing:

"In the 1880’s the Spiritualists created a park on the west side of the lake as a summer encampment,. The park was named Haslett Park for Mr. James Haslett, who spearheaded the project. The camp attracted thousands of people during the month of August from about 1882 until it gradually declined in the early 1900’s. It covered 20 acres. The auditorium, dedicated in 1888, could seat 2000, (and was still in use housing the “Dodgem” in 1958). There was a dormitory/hotel, dining hall, Séance Hall, barn for horses, and boating facilities. Tents could be rented, or people brought their own. Just outside the camp was the Medium House, with 16 rooms. Only mediums were allowed to enter this building."

Watch the video.....and then let's wonder why city authorities decided to knock down all our fun instead of rebuild & upkeep.....