Loch Ness ain't got nothin' on our Great Lakes when it comes to underwater monsters and giant creatures. So far, every one of our five Great Lakes are thought to house some sort of giant monsters or as-yet unidentified creatures.

Let's take 'em one lake at a time, all according to northernontario.travel.....

Loch ness has 'Nessie'.....Lake Erie has 'Bessie'. She's a giant serpent-like monster, brown, gray or copper colored, sometimes showing fins. It was reported as early as 1793 with continued sightings for over 100 years, eventually being described as a "creature with a dog shaped head and pointy tail." Read more about Bessie at cryptidzwikia.com by CLICKING HERE.

The Ojibway legends say there is a giant reptile, or serpent creature with large horns that rules the waters of Lake Huron. They call it "Mishebeshu" which means 'great lynx' and it dwells in an underwater den at the mouth of the Serpent River. There are many tales of this creature and if you visit the area, you wouldn't have any problem finding some old-timers to tell you about their - and others - experiences with this creature. Read a lot more about this Great Lakes monster at townshipofthenorthshore.ca by CLICKING HERE.

'Gaasyendietha' is a giant serpent that has been seen in Lake Ontario since the 1820's; numerous children have been frightened by this creature who still is talked about and 'spotted' to this day. Frightened children of the day said it breathed fire and could fly. Read the complete tale of this Great lakes monster on torotnoist.com by CLICKING HERE.

...or IS it a dragon?
This legendary Lake Superior creature has been identified by various people as:
1) Dragon
2) Fish that looks like a lizard
3) Great cat
4) Lion 
5) Lynx
6) Manitou
7) Shaped like Lake Superior
8) Snake with a turtle head
Whatever this creature is, it has supernatural powers...
1) It can cause storms
2) It can shift shapes
3) It's power lies in copper
4) Sacrifices to it makes sturgeon rise to the top of water
5) To survive a storm, stare it in the face
Tales about this creature include snatching children who play too close to the shoreline, it was involved in the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, it lives in underwater caves, etc. More details about the Lake Superior dragon are found at northernontario.travel.

There have been a few reports of a monster in Lake Michigan. Some fishermen claim they accidentally captured video footage of what they believe is some sort of huge serpent in Lake Michigan. Check out their video below!

Whatever lurks beneath the deep, dark waters of our five Great Lakes - whether it's simply a huge overgrown type of fish or eel or an actual unknown species - you can guarantee there are some unknown things down there just lying in wait to eat.....
WHATever or WHOever.

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