The holiday season is such a wonderful time, I enjoy it all, yes even shopping.   I know that many people stress out at the thought gift buying, but never fear, I have a list of some great gifts for those on your holiday list.

We start out our list with a game.   This is something that I would love to find under my Christmas tree, its the Rolling Stone Music Trivia Game.  Players face off in a quick fire karaoke battle, shouting pout the lyrics to songs from different categories.  It comes with a couple hundred cards with artists and genres spanning from the 60's to 2019 ( I would LOVE this).  This game is only $17.00 on

Google Nest Audio, this is an update from the original Google Home.  A speaker that is 75% louder with a full sound, also the Google Assistant's a lot quicker responding to your requests.  Google Nest is $99.98 on

During pandemic lockdowns many people were getting bored, so puzzles came back in vogue and so did adult coloring books.  If you loved the musical you will love the Hamilton - themed adult coloring book.  46 pages to color and when your done, put them up on your refrigerator, just like when you were a kid. $8.99 on

You hear Keurig and think coffee, well the company has expanded into alcohol.  You can swap out your coffee pods for cocktail pods with the new Drinkworks Home Bar.  Keurig says the new machine will mix up your favorite drinks in only seconds. (totally want this one)

Finally it's musician approved spirits.  Nick Jonas has teamed up with menswear designer John Varvatos for Villa One Tequila.  This premium tequila is made with 100% weber agave, the bottle was co-designed by Varvatos and Jonas and it features an jewelry inspired metalwork around the bottles neck. One bottle of this tequila is $47.00 and can be found on

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