I'm sure many people who have been around for the past few decades have heard this ghost story, originating in Jackson, Mi.

According to one website, "The strange series of events began on November 21 , 1883 in the small community of Jackson. A horrible mass murder took place here, claiming seven victims and creating a mystery and a haunting. The victims were Jacob Crouch, his daughter Eunice White, who was in her ninth month of pregnancy, Eunice's husband. and a man named Moses Polley, who had been visiting the Crouch family from out of town. These four people (five, including the unborn child) were all shot to death while sleeping. The crime was carried out during a terrible thunderstorm that muffled the sounds of violence from nearby farms. Two months later, on January 2, the naked body of Susan Halcomb, Jacob's surviving daughter, was found on the floor of her bedroom. She had been force-fed poison and had died. James Fay, who had worked as a farm hand for Jacob Crouch, was also found dead shortly after. What could these people have done, seen or heard that would have committed them to their horrible deaths? No one knows."

The two were murdered just before dawn; visitors claim to see small patches of ghostly mist (fog?) hovering over the father's grave.

Yep...been out there myself but didn't see anything...too darn cold that time of year and I went home early. But if you want to go ahead and read the whole tale, CLICK HERE and decide for yourself it's believability.

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