Could there be some hidden buried cash in the Grass Lake area?
Some locals think so.

Around 11:00 in the morning on July 29, 1920, the Farmer's State Bank - now Comerica Bank - in Grass Lake was held up with the robbers getting away with almost $70,000 in cash, gold and bonds!

The robbers --- six of 'em --- had been staying at the Mack Island hotel at Wolf Lake pretending to be fact, when they robbed the bank, they stuffed the loot in tackle boxes...they even bound bank employees with fishing line!

Thanks to the small town atmosphere --- where everyone knows everybody and what everyone else is doing --- it was only a matter of time for the locals to tell the sheriff about the out-of-town strangers that were staying at the Mack Island hotel.

The sheriff and his deputies arrived at the hotel where a shootout occurred, killing the sheriff. The robbers escaped out a window but thanks to farmers and other local volunteers, they were found shortly...but they were not taken without a struggle.
According to mlive, "more than $12,000 in currency and $25,000 in Liberty bonds were recovered at the scene. Some claim up to $400 in gold might still be buried somewhere on Mack Island."
And, according to, there's also "$900 in silver dimes, quarters and half dollars. The coins, probably tossed aside because of their bulkiness, could be buried or scattered on the wooded knoll of Mack Island.......the coins have never been recovered."It's believed that the remaining stolen loot may be even sunk deep into the nearby swamp.Grab that metal detector, a shovel, a small boat, and head out to Wolf Lake.....
you NEVER know.....!!!


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