All you have to say is "Ice Cream" and you'll have my full attention. I love ice cream and I will drive for hours just to try different flavors at ice cream shops.

Speaking of ice cream, there's an ice cream shop in Grand Haven called "Sweet Temptations," and it's absolutely fabulous ice cream. We're talking about award winning ice cream.

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Grand Haven is now officially home to some of the best ice cream around, and not just here in Michigan. How about across the country too.

According to

Sweet Temptations, owned by Kelly Larson, took home two blue ribbons for the best ice cream in North America from the North American Ice Cream Association last month.

Congratulations to "Sweet Temptations" for winning not one, but two blue ribbons for the best ice cream in the country.

The conference, called ConeCon, pitted ice cream makers from around the country against each other in categories like best vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream. In each category, only five entrants win a blue ribbon after rigorous testing and, of course, sampling.

This is so cool because the owner of Sweet Temptations has been entering these types of contests for years, and now they can rest assured because they have the blue ribbon awards to verify everything.

If you're wondering what kind of testing each ice cream sample goes through, here's the answer, courtesy of

Each ice cream sample entered in the contest goes through microbiological testing, as well as testing for mouth feel, flavor, texture, color and how the ice cream melts. The flavors are judged against national flavor standards by the 89-year-old ice cream association.

I have now officially added "Sweet Temptations" to my list of ice cream shops to visit in 2023, and this place will be first on my list, I can promise you that!

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