It's been more than a decade since Grammy winning singer Linda Ronstadt had to give up singing.  Now the singer is opening up about her battle with Parkinson's disease.

Diagnosed back in 2013, the singer says that she actually lost her singing voice four years earlier.

Ronstadt made a name for herself back in the mid- 70's with a string of hits like "When Will I Be Loved," and  "You're No Good," just to name a couple. According to, The 73 year old said at first she thought there was something wrong with microphones she was using, but later learned her fate. stated that the ten time Grammy winner described not being able to sing as “like not having a leg or an arm, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”  Ronstadt also said she now finds it hard to walk and has severe back pain, which means she hardly gets out.

Despite losing her singing voice, she says in her mind, in her imagination, she can still sing.

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