Does the name "Grace Lee Whitney" ring a bell?


Then you'll probably recognize her by her picture...especially if you're a "Star Trek" fan. Grace portrayed the character Yeoman Janice Rand during the first season of the "Star Trek" TV series and appeared with the original cast in four of the first 6 "Star Trek" movies.

Interestingly, she was born as Mary Ann Chase in Ann Arbor, Michigan and was adopted by the Whitney family, who re-named her Grace Elaine. She began singing on Detroit radio when she was only 14, eventually moving to Chicago before she turned 20 and opened for some great acts like Billie Holiday, Buddy Rich, the Fred Waring Orchestra and Spike Jones!

In 1966 - at the age of 36 - she was signed on to "Star Trek" by it's creator, Gene Roddenberry. The rest of her story is pretty interesting...she had her share of troubles.

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