According to the Detroit Free Press, governor Gretchen Whitmer said she is strongly considering any action at her disposal to stop the spread of the coronavirus in Michigan.

During governor Whitmer's news conference this week, she said the most important thing that we want to convey is that the trajectory we are on is dire and it's very serious.

The spread of the coronavirus has been nothing short of rampant in the last couple of weeks and it's not slowing down anytime soon. Will Governor Whitmer issue a stay at home order if this continues?

The governor called on lawmakers to take action as soon as possible, saying she's still ready to work on a bipartisan plan to help Michigan citizens and businesses stay alive.

According to governor Whitmer, this is the worst week of COVID we've ever had.

Back in March, the governor issued broad restrictions on gatherings, businesses and schools. While many in the state, including republican leaders in the Legislature, proclaimed the acts exceeded her authority, Whitmer repeatedly noted that case rates, hospitalizations and deaths went down while these mandates were in effect. (Detroit Free Press)

Any attempt at new stay at home orders would almost certainly be met with strong opposition from Republicans in the Capitol and many who opposed these original restrictions.

Just Thursday, the state announced 45 new deaths and 6,940 COVID-19 cases. More than 7,700 Michiganders have died from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, and more than 230,000 have been infected since the start of the pandemic. (Detroit Free Press)

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