Looks like it is a go for businesses, including bars, restaurants and retail shops in the Upper Peninsula and the Traverse City region.

These businesses that will be reopening will do so on Friday, and there  will be 50% limited capacity at bars and restaurants. Groups of people will still be required to keep the 6 feet distance, and servers should wear face coverings.

Why is Governor Whitmer opening only places in Northern Michigan? These places have shown far fewer cases and deaths of COVID -19. The Governor has met with economic development groups, hospitals and Universities to figure out how to have a safe re-opening of these businesses. According to MLive, should they see a spike in the COVID-19 virus they have a detailed plan in place for how to isolate and contain the virus.

Doctors remind us that in addition to washing your hands often and stop touching your face, also keep practicing social distancing. Their tip is to assume that anyone may be carrying the virus. Officials also say that if you work from home, you should keep doing so.

To keep your home or work spot germ free, use disinfecting wipes or disinfecting spray cleaners on any area at your home that is frequently touched.

If the Governor's opening of the Upper Peninsula and the Traverse City area are a success and there is not a spike in the coronavirus, there be a slow opening of other areas as well.

Still be cautious, wear a mask, and keep a 6ft distance between you and others.

The sooner we flatten the curve and see the COVID-19 numbers drop, the sooner we can open our state and get Michigan up and running again.

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