This and a couple of others are answered today...thanks for the questions!

Courtesy of Reprise Records

Q: Who was Gordon Lightfoot singing to in the song IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND?

A: According to Lightfoot, IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND is the most understood song of his career. The song is not being sung to a woman – as most people believe – but to his daughter. He was going through a divorce at the time and it was just one way he tried to express his feelings to her.

Q: The song LOVIN' EVERY MINUTE OF IT is done by Loverboy, right? Set some people straight for me – they think it's Def Leppard.

A: Nope, you're right – it IS Loverboy. It does kinda sound like a Def Leppard song, probably because it was written by Def Leppard's producer Mutt Lange, who gave the song to Loverboy. The song became their highest-charting single, reaching #9 in 1985.

Q: The song REMINISCING is one of our favorite songs that we danced to in high school but we're not sure about which year it came out.

A: REMINISCING by The Little River Band (reaching #3) was released in July of 1978, so you must have danced to it that fall, like at some after-game dances. REMINISCING was one of John Lennon's favorite radio songs and even Frank Sinatra felt it was the best song to come out of the 1970's.