We haven't got the potholes from 2015 taken care of yet...and now, NEW ones are popping up all over for 2016. Yay. How long will it take to get these new ones fixed? Or take care of the rest of LAST year's?

So…I’m driving around this morning when I come across some ‘road work ahead’ signs. I think to myself, “finally, they’re working on the potholes!” BUT NO…I get up to the “work” area and they’re trimming trees. Farther down the road I see more ‘road work ahead’ signs and think “alright! NOW we’re getting some potholes taken care of”…BUT NO….they’re touching up the paint on the border lines.
Hey, here’s an idea…FIX THE POTHOLES!

One of the worst places for potholes is almost any parking lot. The post office has TERRIBLE potholes...you'd think they'd be one of the first to get 'em taken care of...but no. We're talking HUGE chasms, not little ornery holes.

Try to avoid these little pothole buggers; they're waiting for you to drive by so they can jump up and bite your wheels. So slow down and save your your tie rods and axles as well as your sanity.