I am a huge fan of Podcast's , even have one I do with friends.  My favorite

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podcast ,hands down is , My Favorite Murder.

This Podcast features Karen Kilgariff , a stand up comedian and Georgia Hardstark, who has been on the food channel and also, like Karen, is very funny.

The best part for me is tomorrow night (Friday Night) they will be doing their podcast from the Fox Theater in Detroit.    So I get to see my favorite girls , and this is my first time EVER at the Fox Theater in Detroit.

The show is sold out, lots of 'murderinos'  as we call ourselves, in Michigan..  But I am super excited for the entire evening.   Spending the evening with  true crime junkies like myself is going to be awesome.

Check out their podcast "My Favorite Murder".  As Karen and Georgia say...."stay sexy and don't get murdered.".


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