Q: When did Go-Go clubs first pop up?

A: Somewhere around 1964-1965 the term "go-go" became the word for a type of music club frequented by African Americans in the Washington D.C. Area; thus the phrase “going to a go-go,” which became popular thanks to the song of the same name by Smokey & The Miracles. Funk guitarist Chuck Brown (later the leader of The Soul Searchers, 1965-1976) is considered "The Godfather of Go-Go" even though no one can pinpoint any particular band or person where it all started. The fad quickly spread to California where clubs like the Whisky A Go-Go were popping up left and right. Nowadays we have pole dancers...back then, the girls wore the skimpiest outfits they could get away with and danced in elevated cages (to keep the drunks away from them).